Luis Vicente Garcia participated as a speaker in the seminar: “Estrategias Gerenciales: Reinventando el negocio” of Venamcham May 2016

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“Venezuela vive una realidad transformable” Los especialistas que se dieron cita en este encuentro anual concluyeron que si las organizaciones valoran a su capital humano y estos, a su vez, activan la innovación y se reinventan, el país será una región productiva Caracas, mayo de 2016.- Planificar, innovar y hasta reinventarse fueron algunas de las… read more...

Los Angeles Hosted Extravaganza 2015 and EIPPY Book Awards

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Luis Vicente Garcia was awarded with Two EIPPY Awards and two eLit Awards. LOS ANGELES - Oct. 24, 2015 - PRLog -- Expert Insights Publishing, one of the leading publishing houses of best-selling books and award-winning magazines, celebrated the 2015 Book Extravaganza Summit, in which close to 200 top best-selling authors from across the globe shared their greatest success secrets… read more...

Luis Vicente Garcia to Key-note at the HCC's Teen Entrepreneur Summit

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HOUSTON - April 29, 2015 - PRLog -- Houston, TX – April 28, 2015. Luis Vicente Garcia is an international entrepreneur with a local mindset and vision.  Understanding his expertise in global entrepreneurship can help shape the future, he is offering his time to budding business leaders participating in the Teen Entrepreneurship Summit. Luis Vicente, a Certified Brian Tracy Business Coach,… read more...



Make your LIFE a SUCCESS

Realizing that life is a continuous move towards something we truly want to achieve allows us to see that it is our decisions that are going to lead us to be in that place and at that moment we so desire. In doing so, we convince ourselves that the best way to live life is being happy, glad, and optimistic, and always being positive. It is true that we find adversities and difficulties daily,


Developing Olympic Athletes in your Organization

The Olympics represent the highest level sports athletes from all countries can achieve. The large number of events, the variety of disciplines, the effort required and the complex preparation that athletes have carried out is embodied the opening day of this magnificent event.  And behind every athlete there is a team in different areas that targets new goals, together, and works towards


On being Positive!

Day after day we find people who have different behaviors and different attitudes. Some are optimistic, some very negative, while a large number of people have a neutral mood. This is the reason why we have to change and become much more positive if we want to succeed. Of course, like everything in life, becoming positive is neither easy nor fast, but if we start now going in the right