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Los Angeles Hosted Extravaganza 2015 and EIPPY Book Awards

Luis Vicente Garcia was awarded with Two EIPPY Awards and two eLit Awards.

LOS ANGELES - Oct. 24, 2015 - PRLog – Expert Insights Publishing, one of the leading publishing houses of best-selling books and award-winning magazines, celebrated the 2015 Book Extravaganza Summit, in which close to 200 top best-selling authors from across the globe shared their greatest success secrets at its much awaited business-building event, the Annual Extravaganza and EIPPY Books Awards 2015. Three of the Awards of the night went to best-selling author, international speaker and business performance coach Luis Vicente Garcia, from Caracas, Venezuela.
The event was filled with visionary wisdom, masterminding, global networking, and offer an experience of a lifetime to the participants.

“It was a great platform for 200 authors, speakers and entrepreneurs to meet, network, learn and celebrate success with their peers. The enabled the participants to discover the secrets of top experts providing rich, timely content,” said Ms. Viki Winterton, the organizer of the event and the Founder of Expert Insights Publishing. “The participants enjoyed discourses from Visionaries, Success Coaches, World Famous Keynote Speakers and Expert Panels providing rich, timely content, live from across the globe.”

International Business Coach, Author and Speaker, Luis Vicente Garcia, received two EIPPY Awards for his collaboration for the Success of the books “The Voyage toYour Vision” and “My Creative Thoughts Journal”, for which he also received two eLit Awards for “Literary Excellence”. Luis Vicente also received a special recognition as a Member of the Book Review and Editorial Board of the Bestselling Authors International Organization.

The event was specially tailored to deliver a life and business-changing experience to Professional Coaches, Speakers, Writers and Entrepreneurs. It provided the participants with resources that will help them take their business to newer levels but also help them sustain their progress. The event was even more special for the participants as this year; the Annual EIPPY Books Awards celebrated the success of over 900 Bestseller Authors!

This full day Book Extravaganza and EIPPY Award Ceremony was a day filled with incredible and valuable information and was a celebration of Literary Success!

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About Luis Vicente Garcia

Luis Vicente Garcia is a FocalPoint Business Performance Coach and Corporate Trainer, a Lead with Purpose Coach, Entrepreneur, multiple Best-selling Author, International Motivational Speaker, Radio Host and film Producer.

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