Luis Vicente Garcia

“A leader is one who achieves everything he wants.”


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A riveting new training program created by Luis Vicente Garcia and Brian Tracy. This audio and Action Guide program will teach you to adjust your mindset for today’s world.

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Mindset Revolution


MINDSET REVOLUTION, a riveting new training program, has been called a Blueprint for Success.

Luis Vicente Garcia, Business Performance Coach and Best-selling Author has joined the legendary and world renown author, speaker and trainer Brian Tracy, in a new product that combines new business ideas and concepts that you can follow in order to be successful, both personally and professionally. Our goal is to help you improve and get better, as you do things in a new and different ways. There are always new possibilities to grow and prosper available to anyone who would like to learn and continuously improve.

The first three modules by Brian Tracy are based on his 40 year career, where he explains (a) how you can create a successful business today; (b) the importance of your brand and marketing strategies; and (c) how to start building the foundations for having a better business model; the second three modules contain material developed by Luis Vicente Garcia. Here he helps us build our own personal foundation through positive attitude and personal motivation, as he focuses on three main areas (i) creating a mindset for success; (ii) becoming great leaders; and (iii) improving your business performance.

The MINDSET REVOLUTION package includes: 6 CD lessons; a 129 page Training Book; and a 69 page Action Guide.

Think differently and use the MINDSET REVOLUTION product to create your new blueprint for your own future growth and success.