Luis Vicente Garcia
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Luis Vicente Garcia Signs Franchising Agreement with FocalPoint Business Coaching

Luis Vicente Garcia Signs Franchising Agreement with FocalPoint Business Coaching

Luis Vicente Garcia Signs Franchising Agreement with FocalPoint Business Coaching

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Luis Vicente Garcia will team with FocalPoint Business Coaching, a leading Business Performance Coaching Company.


San Diego, CA – March 11, 2013 – Luis Vicente Garcia has joined a select group of the world’s leading business coaches, along with noted business development expert, best-selling author and speaker, Brian Tracy, to become a FocalPoint Business Coach, by acquiring the FocalPoint Business Coaching Franchise for Caracas, Venezuela.
Luis Vicente García is a financial professional who has devoted many years to the study of how motivation and attitude affect regular day to day people. Married for 20+ years, with two sons, he has actually coached many people and organizations in his professional career. Luis Vicente is the author of a Spanish language BLOG called Motivando El Futuro (, published the Book Motivando al Futuro Franquiciado in 2011, and co-wrote the upcoming book The Ultimate Success Guide, featuring Brian Tracy. An Economist with an MBA, and graduate studies in Service Enterprise Management, Strategy and Leadership from different Universities, among other studies, is a firm believer of continuing education.
With the experience gained in different companies from well-established enterprises to publicly traded companies; family owned business and start-ups, having worked in the manufacturing and service industries, he has learned to work with business owners and business leaders. This has allowed him to appreciate the importance of core values and understand the particular needs that people and businesses require to succeed.


FocalPoint Business Coaching is powered by Brian Tracy!

FocalPoint provides organizations and individuals with proven concepts, methodologies and skills developed in the most effective manner for long-term one-on-one coaching. The organization enjoys the market acceptance and brand recognition of Brian Tracy, a business growth specialist, and Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. Brian’s goal is to help business leaders achieve personal and business goals faster and easier. This is achieved by using proven systems and strategies to improve your business. Brian Tracy and his partner Campbell Fraser write and guide the content of the FocalPoint coaching process.


A FocalPoint Business Coach is a certified professional who operates with the clear intent of business improvement for business owners and executives. Business Coaching is a new and rapidly growing business segment. Business owners and executives face increasing challenges daily, and we bring solutions to them as trusted advisers, mentors and consultants. FocalPoint provides each franchisee with exceptional marketing, training, support and development systems, along with industry leading knowledge and information, in order to have a proactive approach to business improvement.


The FocalPoint Coach is someone who believes in FocalPoint’s core principles: Integrity, Clarity, Partnership, Leadership, Passion, Results, Abundance, Knowledge, Distinction, and a Win-Win-Win Attitude!
To contact Luis Vicente Garcia, please email him at or visit the Web Page