Luis Vicente Garcia

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Luis Vicente Garcia has been honored by the National Academy of best-selling Authors in Hollywood

Luis Vicente Garcia has been honored by the National Academy of best-selling Authors in Hollywood

Oct. 2, 2013 – DORAL , Fla. – Hollywood, California, in September . 2013 – As part of the annual celebration of the National Academy of Best selling Authors, Luis Vicente Garcia was recognized as a Best -selling Author for his contribution to selling books this year 2013.


The National Academy of Best -selling Authors, founded in 2009, recognizes the top authors propel their contribution, influence and share their knowledge for success and personal development. The authors of books that reached a Best -selling status during the year were recognized with a Quilly Award for having contributed to the success of these books.


Luis Vicente García, is a Performance Coach at FocalPoint Business Coaching, best -selling author and international motivational speaker. He was awarded two Quilly Awards for his contribution to two very successful books.


The first, Chapter LEADERSHIP UNDER UNCERTAINTY , was written for the book “The Ultimate Success Guide”, a book in which the main figure is Brian Tracy. This book came in second in the list of Direct Marketing as well as having achieved best-seller status in four other categories.


The second chapter was BE POSITIVE BE SUCCESSFUL, written for the book “Dare To Succeed” with Jack Canfield. This book reached best- selles status in eight categories, including five first places including Entrepreneurship and Small Business and Entrepreneurship , with three of these categories reaching first on at the international level.


“Having worked with these two characters and, having had the support of the entire team from DNAgency  and Celebrity Press, along with all the support and inspiration from my dear wife, my children, my parents and my extended family, have prompted me to get where I am today at the beginning of my career as an international writer.” said Luis Vicente García in an interview given to a national television at the end of the awards.